foppex SC pigtail

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foppex SC pigtail

Discover the reliability of our foppex Fiber Optic SC Pigtails, essential for seamless optical connections in your network. Each pigtail features a high-quality SC connector at one end, designed for easy integration with optical devices and connectors. Perfect for data centers, telecommunications, and internet connectivity, these pigtails are the vital link between your optical equipment and network infrastructure. Count on their precision alignment and durability for consistent, high-performance connections. Upgrade your network with confidence by adding our Fiber Optic SC Pigtails to your cart today!

• Gigabit Ethernet
• Telecommunication networks
• Network: LAN, MAN, WAN
• Transfer multimedia signal



Fiber Type

SM 9/125 0,99mm, MM 50/125 0,99mm, MM 50/125 OM3 0,99mm, MM 50/125 OM4 0,99mm


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