Dinstar DAG2000-32S Access Gateway

$939.60 (KDV dahil)

• 32 FXS ports, 3 LAN
• Support SIP, IMS
• T.38 Faks
• Flexible routing & Dial plan
• Önde gelen yazılım anahtarları, IP PBX'ler ve SIP sunucuları ile birlikte çalışabilir

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Dinstar DAG2000-32S Access Gateway

The Dinstar DAG2000-32S Access Gateway is a versatile analog VoIP ağ geçidi that ensures smooth connections between IP-based telephony networks and traditional telephones (POTS), fax machines, and PBX systems. Equipped with standard RJ11 and RJ21 interfaces, the device can accommodate up to 32 FXS ports, providing extensive connectivity options. It operates on the standard SIP protocol, making it fully compatible with major IMS/NGN platforms and SIP-based IP Phone systems. This gateway is a perfect fit for small and medium businesses, call centers, and multi-location environments that require efficient VoIP services.


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