3CX Lisansı

Increase your customer service and enable remote work with 3CX, an affordable and comprehensive PABX system. With built-in call queues, web conferencing, live chat, and social media messaging, all in one system, your team can easily manage communication from anywhere. The system is fully compatible with popular IP phones and SIP trunks, and can be run on-premise on an existing server, as a virtual machine, hosted, or in your private cloud. In addition, 3CX can also be purchased as a 3CX hosted solution. The 3CX hosted solution is a cost-effective solution that provides a low per year price for all users, with updates and monitoring taken care of by 3CX. The solution offers maximum flexibility with the option of a shared or dedicated instance. It is also easy to migrate from a virtual PBX to a self-managed system in your private cloud or on-premise at any time. 3CX is perfect for remote work, featuring integrated video conferencing, mobile apps for iOS and Android, live chat, and many other useful features.

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