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  • Xorcom Swan CXW2000 PBX

    Xorcom Swan CXW2000 PBX

    $1,276.00 (KDV dahil)

    The Swan IP PBX series showcases Xorcom’s CompletePBX distribution, offering support for FXS, FXO extensions and trunks. Swan can be outfitted with as many as 32 analog ports, and up to 2 E1/T1 PRI, T1 CAS, or E1 R2 ports, all contained within a compact, 19″ 1U chassis. Additionally, it facilitates the integration of Astribank telephony interfaces and IP gateways.

    Supports 100-500 extensions (license-based), up to 200 concurrent calls.

  • 3CX Enterprise
    3CX Lisansı

    3CX Enterprise Annual License

    $208.80$42,902.60 (KDV dahil)
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