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Dinstar DAG1000-2S
New Products
  • foppex LC adaptor sm dx
    Fiber optik

    foppex LC Adaptor

    $2.85$3.92 (KDV dahil)
  • vitalpbx license

    VitalPBX License

    $116.00$11,600.00 (KDV dahil)
  • Beek BN-MP6-Easy

    Beek BN-MP6-Easy Plug CAT6 Connector

    $0.21 (KDV dahil)
  • ruckus r650
    Yönlendiriciler ve AP'ler

    RUCKUS R650 Indoor Access Point

    $1,009.20 (KDV dahil)

    • Stunning Wi-Fi performance
    • Serve more devices
    • Multiple management options
    • Converged access point
    • Better mesh networking

  • snom D150

    snom D150

    $97.44 (KDV dahil)

    Key features

    • Colour: slate gray
    • 2 SIP identities
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • Low power consumption (PoE Class 1)
    • 2.8″ TFT LCD – grayscale display
    • 360° notification display
  • Xorcom Swan CXW2000 PBX

    Xorcom Swan CXW2000 PBX

    $1,276.00 (KDV dahil)

    The Swan IP PBX series showcases Xorcom’s CompletePBX distribution, offering support for FXS, FXO extensions and trunks. Swan can be outfitted with as many as 32 analog ports, and up to 2 E1/T1 PRI, T1 CAS, or E1 R2 ports, all contained within a compact, 19″ 1U chassis. Additionally, it facilitates the integration of Astribank telephony interfaces and IP gateways.

    Supports 100-500 extensions (license-based), up to 200 concurrent calls.

  • Hikvision DS-D5024FN 24” LED Monitor

    Hikvision DS-D5024FN 24” LED Monitor

    $242.44 (KDV dahil)

    • Hikvision DS-D5024FN 24” LED Monitor

  • teltonika rut950
    Yönlendiriciler ve AP'ler

    Teltonika RUT950 Dual SIM 4G/LTE WLAN Router

    $510.40 (KDV dahil)

    • Çift sim
    • 4G LTE
    • WiFi
    • Otomatik yük devretme

  • dinstar c60UP-T

    Dinstar C60UP-T Entry Level IP Phone – LTE

    $148.48 (KDV dahil)

    • HD Voice
    • Built-in 4G Antenna
    • 5-way Conference
    • Easy to deploy

  • Dinstar C60UP-W

    Dinstar C60UP-W Entry Level IP Phone – Wireless

    $116.00 (KDV dahil)

    • HD Voice
    • WiFi
    • 2 SIP Accounts
    • 5-way Conference


  • Snap-In Adaptor

    SAMM YT01199 C6A-Snap-In Adaptor Rj45STP

    $9.28 (KDV dahil)
    • C6A-Snap-In Adaptor
  • ZKTeco SF400
    Giriş kontrolu

    ZKTeco SF400

    $208.80 (KDV dahil)
    • 2.8-inch touch screen
    • Tamper proof switch
    • Supports USB flash drive
    • Compact and lightweight

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yealink SIP T33G
Latest Switches

Switches allow efficient data transfer, reducing network congestion and providing better bandwidth allocation. If you want to enhance the performance and security of your network, buying a network switch is a worthwhile investment.

Latest Phones

Analog telefonlar ses sinyallerini geleneksel telefon hatları üzerinden iletirken, dijital telefonlar ses sinyallerini dijital verilere dönüştürerek bir ağ üzerinden iletir. IP telefonlar, ses ve multimedya verilerini iletmek için interneti kullanırken, DECT telefonlar özel bir kablosuz ağ üzerinde çalışır. Dört tür telefon da farklı avantajlar sunar ve farklı iş ve kişisel iletişim ihtiyaçları için uygundur.

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is a type of network cabling infrastructure that uses standardized cabling and connectivity solutions to provide reliable and high-speed network connectivity. Ethernet CAT cables and fiber optics are two common types of structured cabling that are used in modern network environments. Ethernet CAT cables are copper-based cabling that provides reliable and fast data transmission speeds over short to medium distances. 

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