Tyco SPB – Fiber Optic Termination Box | FIST-MB2-T-00-NA-1

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Tyco SPB – Fiber Optic Termination Box – 16 port Wallmount Outdoor SC SX – FIST-MB2-T-00-NA-1

The Tyco SPB Fiber Optic Termination Box, FIST-MB2-T provides a wall-mountable environmental and mechanical protection for the FIST fiber management system that includes the functions of splicing, patching and passive component integration.
The box is typically used on a wall inside the customer’s premises in the termination part of the access network.
The unit has the following features:

    • The box comprises a base and cover assembly
    • The base plate includes the cable entry/exit ports and a UMS (Universal Mounting System) profile to accommodate the different types of sub assemblies
    • Fiber splices can be managed in a single circuit or single element way
    • Accessories are available for the termination of single fiber and ribbon of loose tube or slotted core cable types
    • A patch panel can accommodate
      • connector adapters for all common connector types
      • kevlar termination units (KTU’s) to provide the necessary strain relief when terminating common pigtail types
      • a mix of connector adapters and KTU’s


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