Snom M500 Pro DECT Base Station

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  • Dect
  • Dual cell system
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Security (TLS & SRTP)
  • Shared Call Emulation (SCE)
  • Telephone directory
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Snom M500 – full DECT mobility

The Snom M500 dual cell system is the core of the new M500 series from Snom.

The Snom M500 is specifically designed for medium-sized offices and businesses that require scalability. It allows the combination of two base stations (with the possibility of more in the future) to form a single DECT cell. This configuration enables the registration of up to 16 phones and supports the same number of simultaneous calls. The system is compatible with the Snom M55 handset, known for its durability and ergonomic design, as well as the new Snom M58 DECT desk phone, suitable for mobile office setups.

One notable feature of the dual-cell system is the unique “Shared Call Emulation” (SCE) function. This allows monitoring of calls from multiple trunk lines across the entire system, with six LED function keys providing control over answering, holding, and picking up calls from any connected telephone. This feature enhances flexibility in various application scenarios. The Snom M500 prioritizes security and incorporates advanced encryption standards (TLS & SRTP). Configuration is automated, and provisioning and authentication utilize Mutual TLS (MTLS) for a seamless setup experience.


Technical Feature Description
Dect It communicates using the radio standard for telecommunications called DECT.
Dual cell system It can be extended with a second base to form a dual cell
Power over Ethernet (PoE) The device can draw its power from a connected network cable, provided the network switch is capable and has sufficient power.
Security (TLS & SRTP) This device is compatible with popular security protocols including TLS, SIPS, SRTP, and other commonly used ones.
Shared Call Emulation (SCE) SCE functions similar to BLF (Busy Lamp Field) found on desk phones. It enables monitoring, viewing, answering, holding, and transferring calls within the DECT environment using programmable keys.
 Telephone directory This device has an integrated phone book.


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