Snom M430 DECT Bundle (UK)

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Snom M430 DECT Bundle (UK)

The Snom M430 DECT bundle offers an ideal out-of-the-box solution suitable for both home office and professional office environments. This bundle includes the DECT base, Snom M400, and a Snom M30 handset, providing everything needed for immediate use.

Snom M400 – DECT Base

The Snom M400 DECT single cell base delivers comprehensive business telephony features, including support for up to 10 simultaneous calls (NB) with a maximum of 20 handsets. It also offers functionalities like remote maintenance and zero-touch setup tailored for cloud and VoIP PBX partners. Moreover, the Snom M400 base adheres to the latest encryption standards and employs a similar software and security update architecture as the Snom M900 multi-cell system.

Snom M30 – DECT Handset

The Snom M30 effortlessly integrates into our lineup of professional handsets, boasting a generous color display. It seamlessly merges crystal-clear audio quality with standard ringing functions and common office features like hold and transfer. Its robust battery ensures up to 22 hours of talk time or two weeks of standby time, ensuring you’re always reachable. Plus, it offers 4 additional keys for quick access to speed dialing and local contacts, while shortcuts to frequently used menus, such as ringtones and mailbox, can be conveniently saved.


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