Formrack 1U organizer with brush

$11.60 (incl. VAT)

• 19″ 1U – 2U horizontal usage options.
• 32U, 36U, 39U, 42U and 44U vertical usage options.
• DKP sheet metal and Ral 9005 painted.

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Formrack Organizer With Brush Overview

Formrack 1U organizer with brush is an excellent cable management solution that helps keep your networking equipment organized and clean. It features a brush strip that allows you to pass cables through while preventing dust and debris from entering the cabinet. This cable organizer is perfect for server racks, data centers, and other networking applications. With its 1U size, it provides ample space to manage cables, keeping them organized and out of the way. The brush is also removable, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance.


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