foppex 9/125 DX Patch Cord LSZH 2mm

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foppex 9/125 DX Patch Cord L:2m LSZH 2mm

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Foppex 9/125 DX Patch Cord


  • Dimensions: 2mm diameter
  • Fiber optic cable diameter: 9/125 micron
  • Fiber type: Single-mode
  • Connectors: SC-LC or SC-SC or LC-LC and pre-terminated
  • Connector design: Color-coded for easy identification
  • Material: Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)
  • LSZH benefits: Releases low smoke and no toxic gases in case of fire
  • Installation: Easy and efficient
  • Flexibility: Highly flexible cable for easy routing and installation
  • Use case: Ideal for high-speed data transmission over short distances
  • Application: Suitable for use in data center racks or telecommunications cabinets

Overall, the foppex 9/125 DX Patch Cord is a high-quality, reliable cable that offers excellent performance for single-mode fiber optic applications. Its LSZH material ensures safety in case of a fire, while its pre-terminated connectors make installation quick and easy. Its compact and flexible design also makes it an excellent choice for use in tight spaces.




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