Ad-net AN-FM-120-4ETH 4E1+4*LAN fiber modem, SM 20KM dual fiber

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• Layer2 intelligent switch possibilities
• Ethernet port supports full/half duplex
• Supports E1 loop from remote

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Ad-net AN-FM-120-4ETH 4E1+4*LAN fiber modem, SM 20KM dual fiber

AD-Net AN-FM-120-4ETH  4E1 provides RS232 interface for Network Management. Supported by AN-NM-PDH GUI network manager utility, users can observe the status of Local and Remote, as well as other alarm information unable to be displayed by LEDs in the front panel. Also, with AN-NM-PDH, user can make certain E1 loop back for testing purpose.

4 x 10/100 Ethernet ports support intelligent Layer 2 switch features, such as QoS, dot1Q and port based VLAN’s, flow control per port with steps n x 32 Kbit/s and more.


  • Provides 4 x E1 G.703 transparent transmission over the fiber;
  • Provide 4 x 100 Mbit/s Ethernet channels, Ethernet speed can be set for each port on based on any multiples of n x 32 Kbit/s;
  • Provides one RS232 channel for option;
  • Provide one hotline channel for option ;
  • Speed of optical port is 155Mbps, transmission range can reach 25KM, 40KM, 60KM, 80KM or 100km,120KM;
  • E1 interface code is HDB3; E1 vibration characteristic conforms to ITU-T G.703G.823 and G.742;
  • Ethernet port supports full/half duplex, 10M/100M auto-adaptable, throughput is full duplex 100 Mubit/s;
  • Ethernet port supports dot1Q VLAN setting possibility and port based VLAN’s.
  • Layer2 intelligent switch possibilities for 4 x Ethernet ports
  • Ethernet packet size supports 1916 byte and 4 Ethernet port could be set separately, jumbo frames are supported;
  • Simultaneous 4 E1 & 100 Mbit/s full duplex operation;
  • Complete alarm function and can monitor remote device status;
  • Supports E1 loop from remote so as to detect and manage device conveniently;
  • The combination AC220V and DC-48V for redundant options;
  • Broadcast Storm Protection, Port monitoring.
  • Provide SNMP MIB support if used together with AN-CH01 central solution
  • Current alarm and alarm history database
  • AN-NM-PDH GUI manager for easy and convenient monitoring and management



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